14 Years of Top Quality Publications


Ebcon Publishing was launched in 2004 with one simple goal – to create a range of successful publications, combining informative content with a level of design to match. Over the last 14 years, Ebcon Publishing has done exactly that, launching a number of publications that have won a number of awards in their respective sectors. 

Now Ebcon Publishing has set up a fantastic portfolio, the companies next step is to further improve that portfolio, working tirelessly to constantly bring its readership a range of brilliant editorial across its various magazines, providing them with the best information available, along with brilliant design values and imagery to suit. 

 “Award Winning Publications Over a Number of Sectors”



10 Years of Military Based Coverage

Raider Magazine was first launched in 2008, following four successful years for Ebcon Publishing. The magazine’s main focus on launch was to provide the general public with as much information as possible regarding a number of Armed Forces services around the world, as well as providing members of said Armed Forces with a number of no-nonsense, informed reviews, so they could spend their hard earned money on deployment equipment, knowing that it would survive the various rigours they faced in the various areas of operation they found themselves in. 

Fast-forward to the present day, and Raider Magazine has evolved with the times. Originally launched during the height of the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, military operations around the world have begun to quieten down, and due to this Raider has had to change direction. With the introduction of the ‘Tactical’ market, Raider has worked to fill the said market. With the tag-line “The Magazine for the Alpha Male”, Raider covers everything and anything that any individual interested in the tactical market may need – from gear reviews to features, all whilst keeping its original military origins deeply rooted within the magazine. 

“The Magazine for the Alpha Male”


The Team Behind the Publication


paul monaf

publishing director

Paul is the lifeblood of Ebcon Publishing, and in turn Raider Magazine. With over a decade of experience in a leading publishing role, Paul is constantly pushing to ensure perfection.




connor James


Having started working for Raider in 2014 as a freelancer, Connor is now the driving force behind Raider, shaping it into its current form after the turndown in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.




Ben dickie

creative director

Ben has been with the company for around a decade now, and is known around these parts as the Rambo of shapes and colours – with InDesign in one hand, and photoshop in the other.




trampas swanson


Residing in America, Trampas is our eyes and ears across the pond. Hailing from a Police background, not only is Trampas a good shot, but he’s also our boots on the ground at most shows.