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Welcome to Raider HQ

‘The Home of the Alpha Male’

Raider is the UK’s premier Military and Tactical Lifestyle magazine. With more than 70 pages of brilliant content inside, you won’t regret picking up the latest issue of the magazine!

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Three Concepts, One Magazine                                

Raider Magazine is built on three core concepts – Military News, Tactical Lifestyle, and Fitness. Over the seventy pages within Raider Magazine, you can expect to find a whole range of information covering those concepts, with news, reviews, interviews, and features from each of the three categories. 

Raider Magazine prides itself on the diversity on show within the magazine as well as being able to bring our readers some of the best content over the three different concepts. With that in mind Raider Magazine is constantly working with some of the biggest names in the three industries, be they companies, brands or individuals.

With those links in place, we are then able to bring our readers some of the best editorial in the field, with gear reviews, interviews with huge names such as Travis Haley and Chris Costa, and a range of tutorials in all three fields to help you become a better, stronger and more tactical version of yourselves!



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